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从本月开始我们的成品中将不再添加 readme about webp.txt。
From Oct 2019 we will remove “readme about webp.txt” from our future release.

自上次公开票选资源格式,我们开始使用 WEBP 格式作为成品中的扫图格式。WEBP 是一种衍生自 Google VP8 的图像格式,同时支持有损和无损编码。当使用有损模式,它在相同体积提供比 JPG 图像更好的质量;当使用无损模式,它提供比最佳压缩的 PNG 图像更小的体积。

你可以通过如下方式浏览 WEBP 图像:

  1. 如果你使用 Windows XP SP3 或更高版本的 Windows 系统,可以通过安装 Google 官方的小插件实现系统自带图片浏览器与略缩图的原生支持:
    百度网盘 备用链接 (请安装其中的 WebpCodecSetup.exe)
  2. 安装第三方图片浏览器,包括且不限于:
  3. 通过 Google Chrome 浏览器直接打开 WEBP 图像。

We use WEBP format as the default image format for our scanned images. Webp is derived from Google VP8 and it supports both lossy and lossless compression modes. When used in lossy mode, it provides better quality/size ratio compared with conventional JPG format; when used in lossless mode, it provides smaller file size compared with compressed PNG format.

You can view WEBP images using any of the following way:

  1. In Windows XP SP3 or later versions, you only need to install a small plugin provided by Google to view it as conveniently as before. The auto-creation of thumbnails is also supported after the installation.
  2. Use 3rd party image viewer, which includes but not limited to the following:
  3. If you have Google Chrome browser installed, you may also directly open WEBP in Chrome.
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